Why We Love N95 Face Mask Manufactured in USA (And You Should, Too!)

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The COVID-19 pandemic precipitated severe shortage of N95 masks manufactured in USA. The public outcry for getting drugs and equipment on time highlighted the importance of increasing manufacturing lines for face masks to meet demand. Wearing face masks in our daily lives has become a norm to protect against virus as it continues to spread rapidly. Masks are designed with a filtration media to capture and block infectious particles from entering the nose of mouth of the wearer. N95 masks collect 95% of the micro particles within the filter which makes people prefer these over other face masks. Although all face coverings protect the wearer and surroundings to some extent, you have all reasons to choose N95 mask.

ALG Health has developed its mask manufacturing operations to provide American workers with essential PPEs approved by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Their rapid action helped front line workers find protective equipment to save other lives while also protecting themselves. ALG Health has a variety of N95 particulate respirators with braided headbands and staple free attachment points to provide a comfortable fit for wearers. Their high quality masks are lightweight with an adjustable nose clip to secure a perfect seal around mouth and nose. PPE makers have ramped up production for N95 masks manufactured in USA so as to meet the nation’s growing demands and their efforts are worth acknowledging.

Are N95 Face Masks Different than Other Masks?

The global pandemic reconstructed our perceptions with respect to personal protection measures for saving lives. The Filter efficiency and tight seal properties of N95 face masks mark them as the most significant PPE for protection against the corona virus. These masks can capture nearly all the infectious particles to prevent rapid spread of the disease. However, WHO recommended the general public to wear other masks initially to overcome critical shortage of N95 masks made in USA. The regular surgical masks do not secure the seal as they are loose in fitting but are still better than having no face cover at all.

Easy to Wear N95 Face Masks

People have used masks to cover up their faces long before the viruses emerged for stopping smell. They used a piece of cloth to cover their mouth to protect themselves against corrupt air. Now that science gives us all reasons backed up with evidences to use top quality face masks, we should be following the right way to use them. N95 masks can save you from the ongoing virus if you follow the right donning and doffing technique. It is strictly advised not to touch the front of the mask as it may contaminate your hands. Take it off from the ear loops and dispose properly so the captured particles do not contaminate the surroundings. The mask is designed to fit easily on most consumers and seal tightly around the mouth and nose. There is no specified time period for using the mask as you may extend usage depending on your risk of exposure in any area.

Affordable N95 Masks in USA

Why not obtain highest quality N95 masks manufactured in USA when they are readily available? Different PPE makers are taking up orders online to deliver on time for public’s convenience. There are plenty of people preferring USA made option for face masks so they don’t have to buy from China. The prices of USA made masks may however differ from the China ones but are still worth buying. Also, consider decontaminating or rotating the masks if you want to use fewer masks.