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Our diverse team of industry professionals ensures that our products are best in class!
Adam Harmon

Adam Harmon


Adam is the founder and visionary behind Axis LED Group and ALG Health. While he is involved in all aspects of leadership, he is still overseeing
the day-to-day operations of both organizations. Originally from Defiance Ohio, Adam’s career has required he travel throughout the country,
but he always felt the responsibility to bring jobs back to his hometown area. Whether it is energy efficiency or lifesaving respirators, his
businesses always serve a greater purpose. For ALG Health, he reminds the entire staff every day that “we protect those who protect us” and
that care must be put into everything we do. Adam and his wife Sarah have two Shih Tzu pups named Bella and Bentley. He is the companies
resident grill master, can pair whatever he grilled with a great wine, and if ALG Health had a golf team, he would be captain of that too!


Douglas Soper

Vice President of Sales and Distribution

Douglas Soper is the new Vice President of Sales and Distribution at ALG Health. Prior to working at ALG, Douglas has over twenty-five years of solution-based sales experience, manufacturing technology, broadcast television, and global communications multiple markets.

He has been the chairman of many successful projects, while also taking on the challenge of solving C-level information technology problems in the field. Douglas is an adaptable employee that has worked in numerous environments, utilizing multiple methodologies for greater efficiencies and favorable outcomes of large complex tasks. He has challenged himself in new positions and adapts quickly while learning in order to make accurate, high level decisions. He has served on the Board of Directors of two different business models, served through the local YMCA and still strives to learn something new each day.

Douglas is native to Detroit, MI, and in his free time he is an athlete, mentor and a coach for hundreds of children in the area, including his own, in both basketball and baseball. In his free time, he spends time with his five children, building puzzles and playing board games.

Gayle Wallen

Gayle Wallen

Office Manager

Gayle is the glue that holds the team together. Having owned several businesses herself, she knows the work that it takes to keep everything
running efficiently. She enjoys working with the staff, customers, and helping to get the right products to the customers at the right time. She is always the first to give someone a pat on the back or a kick in the backside, whichever is needed at the time! When not running the office, she can be found painting, boating with her husband Mike, or hanging out with her two kids and two grandchildren. Wherever she is, her toes are not from the sand of the beach, even if it is just in her mind.

Swaroop Kumar

Swaroop Kumar

Manufacturing Engineer

Swaroop is taking the lead on setup, calibration, and performance of all manufacturing technology at ALG Health. A young and dynamic
professional, excellent at juggling multiple tasks to deliver quality products on time. His is finalizing his Six Sigma certification while holding his Master & #39’s in Manufacturing Engineering from the Motown & #39’s greatest Wayne State University. He has the ability to workout strategies and exceed market standards as well as customer expectations. He loves the outdoors, exploring the world, ignores negativity and believes in the quote ”Keep your friends close and your pizzas closer”.

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